Mevris is a One-Stop Solution for Home Automation

Mevris-IoT based home automation platform ensuring seamless control and management for connected electronics. The application can be integrated with numerous electronics simultaneously, making it convenient for the end-user to switch controls between them.

Track Events of Your Appliances

Mevris lets you view a comprehensive activity report of connected device’s operations. Keeping an accurate record of the history of events of your home appliances was never easier.

Energy Units

1.90 KWh A

Average Current

2.37 A

Energy Saving


Average Power

825 W

Control and Manage your Home Electronics Remotely with a Single Application

Energy Units

Mevris accurately measures the electricity unit consumed by an appliance.

Bill Management

Helps you manage your electricity bills via smart operations.

Average Room Temperature

Let’s you adjust the temperature of HVAC systems for ultimate convenience.

Average Energy Saving

Provides a complete report of the % of electricity saved.

Mevris Web Application

Mevris is publicly accessible and can easily be installed on Windows or Mac OS based computers, empowering users to control their devices via common web browsers.

Mobile Application

Mervis allows you to do some pretty impressive things using handy devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can change the temperature, view consumed units, detect errors, view events and measure technical metrics like voltage, watts and amperes.

Mervis is a complete home automation solution allowing you full control at your fingertips

Text & Voice

Mevris is supported by AI & ML-based Chatbots that allow the user to operate their appliances via text and speech commands using their Facebook, slack and skype accounts.

Transforming Complexity into Interactivity

The Mervis platform translates the segmentation of complex back-end operations using a user-friendly approach to enable users to enjoy a more centralized control.

Made for Developers

Mevris is designed as a full-stack open source home automation platform, permitting developers to contribute & improve the core product.

Power-full API

A robust API for extension & customization of the varying needs of IoT enabled devices.

Cloud Storage

Maintained, operated, managed & backed up by reliable cloud storage services.

Fast & Secure Server

Backed by blazing fast servers secured by industry’s leading security protocols.

Your Home in the Palm of your Hand

Monitor and control your home’s devices and appliances from anywhere in the world. And do it all from your smartphone.

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